Why Albany Backups?

  • Albany Backups is a division of North Atlantic Information Systems, and we’ve been in business providing computer, network, and internet services since 1997.
  • Albany Backups monitors the completion status of your backup daily. If something is amiss, we’ll contact you and work to solve the issue.
  • Albany Backups was designed especially for businesses. This isn’t an online backup system similar to the mainstream providers catering to the home market.
  • The security and safety of your data is of the utmost importance to Albany Backups. Nothing ever leaves your office unencrypted (with encryption enabled in the client). The data is sent via a 2048-bit SSL protected connection (the same type of connection you use to do your banking), and your data is stored securely encrypted in the cloud.
  • We’ve had remote backup services for our customers since it was practical to backup data online, so we have plenty of experience and support is just a help desk ticket away.
  • We can be as hands off or involved as you want us to be. Need us to design an entire backup system for your network? No problem. Just want to download the software and use it? That’s no problem, either.
  • We also provide on-site backup assessment services in the greater capital region of New York as well as full service remote assistance anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Onboarding Process

  • Decide on and purchase a backup plan. Our most common plans are available online, but if you have a special scenario, we can provide a quote.
  • We will contact you within 24 hours with your account username and password. If you need additional setup assistance, you can let us know at that time and we can schedule the installation.
  • The initial backup to the cloud can take as long as a week (or more depending on the amount of data and your internet connection speed). After the initial backup, the system only sends changed data to the cloud.
  • You can opt to keep every version of your file from that point forward or only a certain number of versions.
  • It’s important that you enable data encryption with a key you create in your backup, you’ll see the option along with an option for data compression when you create your first backup. If you don’t see the option or you’re having trouble, please submit a helpdesk ticket and we’ll assist you in any way we can.

Have Questions? We’re here to help.

  • If you have any questions about Albany Backups, please feel free to submit a help desk ticket and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.